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It is our prayer at For His Glory Ministry that you be true and honest with yourself and find these answers out for yourself. We have asked the same questions and made many a same journey. We have discovered, uncovered, and recovered certain self evident truths that are compelling, persuasive and so real that knowing these truths will set you free. You will have freedom that is liberating, exhilarating and will give you peace that passes all understanding. In the midst of the storm, you can discover the destiny for which you've been designed, the mystery of this moment in your life, and step into a future that is real, true, hopeful, healing, whole and that is holy. Through this you will have the hope to hold on, go on, to grow on and be all God has destined you to be For His Glory and for your good; finally giving your life what God has already given you to express --meaning, hope and a life worth living. Now, isn't that worth it? Yes, indeed and far, far more. Come and see...